• Zucchini patty sabrina.at.gym

    The Best Zucchini Patties in Town

    If you want something very simple but still tasty, then these zucchini fritters are the best solution for you. If Summer, It Means: Zucchini In summer, zucchini is a very basic ingredient that is good at any time. Fresh and light practically anything you make from it won’t hurt your stomach. This is one of the reasons I love zucchini itself because it is fresh, healthy, and a trump card. Zucchini Patty Is The Key for a Hot Summer Day The best thing about zucchini is that you can make 2 million different delicious recipes. Taking one of these now, I would like to introduce you to Zucchini Patty, the…

  • How Apple Watch changed my life
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    How Has Apple Watch Changed My Life- 5 Things Apple Watch Has Surprised Me

    Here are The Top 5 Things I Was Pleasantly Surprised by Apple Watch: When the Apple Watch was first announced, I was very curious. I just love the new Apple gadgets and was wondering how you can help my life and of course my fitness journey. I was mainly interested because the previous shift to Macbook and my iPhone brought big dimensional leaps in my productivity, where I no longer had to pay attention to configuration, but simply things worked out and did their most important tasks. Apple Watch Made My Life Easier I think that all sorts of tools and gadgets are meant to make our lives better. If…

  • Chia pudding pros and cons
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    WhyShould You Eat Chia Pudding?

    Chia Pudding is a Perfect Breakfast and Dessert! Here are some useful healthy benefits about this delicious and simple meal. + The Best Chia Pudding Recipe You Must Try These days, people are devoting less and less time to meals. Most people if they are hungry just make a quick and easy meal, but I will show you how can you make it nutritious and healthy at the same time. Here comes the Chia Pudding itself. Although, you must be conscious and prepared for this meal it is worth every minute of it. (My Trick: I usually prep it at night, before going to bed because it has to rest in the refrigerator…

  • Healthy cheap meals hacks and tricks
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    Is It Too Expensive to Eat Healthy? Tips and Hacks How to Eat Healthy and Save Money Meantime

    Nowadays, it is very important how much we spend on food. We all have our financial rules on how much we no longer want to spend on a particular food, especially if they are in the “healthy line” of the supermarket. How much is that? Is a healthy diet more expensive? You don’t have any idea how to eat healthy cheap meals?  It would be hard to deny that the concept of healthy eating in the public consciousness is also associated with the fact that healthy food is expensive. From this, people get the conclusion that you must have a lot of money then. Let’s make it clear, THEY ARE…

  • Skincare products review

    A Review of The 123 FRÉ Skincare Routine Products

    This my FRÉ Skincare review about their FRÉ 123 Kit. About a few weeks ago I was asked by FRÉ Skincare to be part of their FRE’s Ambassador Program. Before answering them instantly, I did a little research around the brand and their products and I was amazed by the amount of the positive reviews they have. So, after consideration I said YES! Now, that I have used the products I was offered- here’s ‘A Review of the The 123 FRÉ Skincare Routine Products’. The other reason why I wanted to accept and test these products out, is that I am working frequently, from this inherently I am sweating a…

  • The easiest diet chocolate mousse recipe

    The Most Simple Chocolate Mousse – 4 Ingredients 5 Minutes

    I have been looking for a quick and simple dessert for a long time. Of course, it is also important to be fit for the conditions and not just tons of sugar with more sugar. I think I found the perfect kind of “fit” dessert recipe in the category of simple and quick dessert ideas. In general, great gourmets could list pages about the benefits of a special dessert. But I am a person who loves simplicity. The simplest 4 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse. Oh my gosh, it is so good. This mousse requires just one egg, dark chocolate, milk, and whipping cream. No fancy process, practically you can create it…

  • Slimming world do’s and don’s hamburger in hand
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    Slimming World Food List: Do’s and Don’ts + Extra: Slimming World Hack

    I am sure you’ve tried a lot of diets already. There is nothing wrong with that! But before you start another diet, always take the time to research the conditions of your diet. I am helping you with that now. First, you have to analyze the Slimming world diet Food List before you jump into a new diet recklessly. Let’s review the Do’s and Don’ts of the slimming world diet, as well as the slimming world food list you can and can’t eat. Plus, I am gonna share an ultimate Slimming world Diet Hack, which you can decide whether to accept my advice or not. Get rid of excess weight…

  • Slimming world success story
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    “I’ve lost 160 lbs in a year.” Here Is My Secret Slimming world Diet

    Laura lost half her weight with Slimming world diet. Would you be able to do it? Laura Raines, 40, lost almost half of her body weight to fulfill her mother’s last wish who was dying of cancer. She shared her personal story of how she did it. “I was terribly fat, the scale showed me more than 72 pounds. My cancerous mother asked me several times to lose my weight, she said it would be good if I lost weight because of my kids because of my health. She wanted me to see them grow up and participate in their graduation ceremony. Because her biggest regret is that she will…

  • Binge eating disorder
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    What Is Binge Eating Disorder?

    Binge-syndrome: Overeating as Eating Disorder Binge Eating Disorder is a new type of eating disorder. Its main feature is compulsive overeating, which is not followed by compensatory behavior (e.g., vomiting, diarrhea, excessive exercise) as in bulimia nervosa. As a result, the majority of those affected are obese. Unfortunately, as long as this problem persists, you can not expect lasting weight loss. As always, you have to find the main problem first and realize that you have an eating disorder. During binge eating episodes, the trigger for eating is not hunger, but most commonly a negative emotion. Then the person eats as much as is already uncomfortably full. BED eating characteristics…

  • Protein Crumble Recipe

    High-Protein Fitness Crumble [Recipe]

    This is how your Protein Crumble is going to be perfect Crumb cookies can be translated as lazy cakes. You can make crumble in minutes. You just need your crumbled dough and almost any fruit, and then it can go to the oven. Even as a beginner, you can not fail, because it is so simple that even a child can make it. What Do You Need for Your Protein Crumble? Look for a fireproof bowl or pie tin, or several small puffy tins or bowls. The crumbs require only some stevia (optional), protein powder and oats, almost any kind of fruit. You can even use frozen berries or canned…