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A Review of The 123 FRÉ Skincare Routine Products

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This my FRÉ Skincare review about their FRÉ 123 Kit. About a few weeks ago I was asked by FRÉ Skincare to be part of their FRE’s Ambassador Program. Before answering them instantly, I did a little research around the brand and their products and I was amazed by the amount of the positive reviews they have. So, after consideration I said YES!
Now, that I have used the products I was offered- here’s ‘A Review of the The 123 FRÉ Skincare Routine Products’.

The other reason why I wanted to accept and test these products out, is that I am working frequently, from this inherently I am sweating a lot and these are specific products needs of women who work out, from athletes to active women on-the-go. So trying out skincare products specialized for sweaty skin was something that I needed to incorporate on a daily basis on order to take care of my skin and see the results!

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Before reviewing each of the products I received, let me tall you that FRÉ Skincare Products are vegan skincare products. ”The good news is there are amazing vegan ingredients that can protect and nourish your skin without harming the environment or adding toxins to your skin.”

They use 100% toxic free ingredients. They mainly sell skincare products specialized in combined effects that intense exercise, sweat, sun, and outdoor conditions have on your skin.

The 123FRÉ Set

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But going vegan with skincare may sound tricky. Basically, the good way is to always choose simplicity, not to complicate things too unnecessarily. In this case, the FRÉ 123 Kit is a perfect solution. It contains everything you need in your skincare routine. If you think about it, you just need three simple steps in generally.

  1. Cleansing
  2. Serum
  3. Moisturizer with SPF30 for protecting your skin from the sun.

Inside the FRÉ 123 Kit, I received Purify Me hydrating facial cleanser, to clean my face quickly after I finished my workout. In the gym your are with a bunch of sweaty people sharing the same equipment, potentially without disinfecting it properly, touching everything from the water fountains to the lockers to the dumbbells. Of course, you have to take care of a proper cleaning of your skin. Especially, your face!

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They sent my their three basic products in their famous FRÉ 123 Kit. Beside the cleanser, I got a Revive Me Serum Revive Me which is a deep replenishing serum. It is a daily treatment serum made for skin that sweats. It promotes a healthy energized glow, keeping skin hydrated and nourished with various minerals and vitamins. You can use it right after you cleaned your face with the cleanser.

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Last but not least, I received the Protect Me ultra-light moisturizer with SPF30. I guess I don’t have to explain, everyone knows that perhaps sun protection is the most important step in protecting your skin. I use sunscreen every day on my face, even on winter days. But when I spend more time in Asia, I pay more attention to it.

As you can see the whole thing comes with a little sack so you can easily bring your FRÉ Skin Essentials in the gym. There’s nothing worse when you’re trying to take the entire bathroom to the gym. There is no need for that with this kit.

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Personal opinion:

I always share my honest experiences with you. So I do that now too. After using the FRÉ 123 Kit for weeks I can freely say that I am satisfied with the their products. The only negative thing I have realized is that after using the Cleanser my skin feels kind of oily. Although they say these products work for all skin type. I feel like I have a thin oil layer on my face, which I don’t like. So, I usually wash my face twice and I remove the effect of the FRÉ Skin Cleanser with another cleansing product.

You have to know that:

All products are:

  • hypoallergenic
  • dermatologist tested
  • non-comedogenic
  • paraben-free
  • vegan
  • cruelty-free

After my FRÉ Skincare review. I truly can say this is a good brand, uses clean and top of the line ingredients, because to me, what I use for my skin is super important! I wouldn’t have agreed to get these products if I knew otherwise. I do recommend trying out FRÉ Skincare 123 Kit.

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If you are thinking of getting onboard with post-workout skincare products, then you can have free-shipping for the FRÉ 123 Kit as far as I see on their page. They also have amazing boundless on the page. You could only use my discount code for 24h at the checkout.

P.S.: All these products were gifted and as always, I am sharing my honest review about them. I hope you like it!

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