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Breaking: Arnold Schwarzenegger Became 99 %Vegan

Arnold Schwarzenegger became vegan. But why? The Terminator says he is “following a 99% vegan diet”. When Arnold Swarzenegger became vegan, you have to think about something.

Hasta La Vista Chicken Breast!

“If someone tells you to eat a lot of meat to be strong, don’t believe it!

Arnold Schwarzenegger vegan

The Chinese government chained the big bodybuilding champion. In their campaign, they encourage the Chinese people to consume less meat. The goal is to reduce the number of deaths from heart disease and diabetes in China. And they tried to assure the credibility of the campaign with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but this was a bit of a contradiction for the bodybuilding legend, who spent his entire life as a meat lover and contributed greatly to the amount of chicken he devoured after training.

Arnold Schwarzenegger eating

With this campaign itself, it would be no problem and it is Arnold’s right to become vegan, so when approaching 70, because he is trying to stay healthy.

The Terminator is Returned, but What Is Schwarzenegger Eating?

“There is a misconception that only animal protein can make you big and strong.”

The 72-year-old actor who underwent major heart surgery, followed by a complete lifestyle change. He explains his old diet. Arnold Schwarzenegger started bodybuilding at the age of 15. It was only 20 years before he was awarded the title of Mr. Universe, and due to his enormous muscles, he became the seven-time holder of the title of Mr. Olympia.

Arnold Schwarzenegger plant-based diet

Conan, the barbarian, made a breakthrough in his acting career in 1982 when he became popular in Hollywood. Two years later, he was the protagonist of James Cameron’s iconic science-fiction thriller Terminator. Many still refer to him by this name, although he made more than fifty films and became the father of five children and since 2003 was the governor of the state of California.

Game changers movie
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And now he’s on the cover with a recent veganism documentary The Game Changers, co-produced by world-famous James Cameron, about her lifestyle change. The Terminator says he is “following a 99% vegan diet”.

What was Wrong with His Heart?

Presumably, his heart problems also contributed to the lifestyle change decision. However, it is a fact that he did not need surgery only because of lifestyle factors. He had a congenital heart valve disorder, corrected as early as 1997, but “the 1997 replacement was never intended to be permanent, it simply filled its life.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger Plant based Diet

The problem affected the pulmonary heart valve, which controls the flow of blood from the heart to the lungs. The most recent surgery was a new catheter, and Schwarzenegger’s recovery was exemplary.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Became Vegan and He Loves Almond Milk

His fridge is now full of vegetables, fruits, and healthy ingredients, and he loves porridge too. He said he’s not looking at his past favorites, just trying to choose a different one and pursue a plant-based diet. The only thing he “hates” is cow’s milk. “I drink almond milk, it’s much better,” he admits.

In the documentary, Swarzenegger wants to draw attention to the fact that valuable protein from plant sources can be introduced into the body, and it is not at all true that “the real man eats a lot of meat”. “It’s not reality, it’s just marketing,” says Arnold.

Almond milk

Arnold Schwarzenegger became vegan, but training is also still part of his daily routine. He starts at 7 am in the gym and continue in the evening. The daily cardio dose is three-quarters of an hour of cycling between the two. However, he is more cautious about lifting weights. He is working with lighter weights at higher repetitions. And some of the nutrients he takes are dietary supplements. The Terminator is apparently in top shape even at age 72.

Fighting Against Global Climate Change

Schwarzenegger, as a politician, has not concealed the importance he attaches to the issue of environmental protection and, in particular, the fight against climate change. This year, the child also met Greta Thunberg, a Swedish environmental activist – also a vegan.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Greta Thunberg Bike
The former California governor shared photographs of himself with Ms Thunberg in California ( Arnold Schwarzenegger/Twitter )

Greta was well-known for regularly missing out on school stairs in Stockholm, also raising awareness of the dangers of climate change, including attending school. He is not alone in striking today. Between 20 and 22 September 2019, Greta organized the world’s largest climate strike to date, attended by nearly 4 million citizens from 163 countries. All continents joined the strike, even in Antarctica.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Greta Thunberg
Picture: Arnold Schwarzenegger / Instagram / Twitter

Schwarzenegger met Greta at the opening session of Arnold’s environmental organization, the Austrian World Summit R20. The organization aims to accelerate the implementation of the Paris Convention on Climate Protection, which was, moreover, negotiated by representatives of 195 countries at the 2015 UN conference. It was signed in December of that year. The essence of the convention is that it is up to the participating countries to determine how they can contribute to slowing global climate change.

Is The Vegan Lifestyle Environmentally Friendly?

Arnold Schwarzenegger became vegan but there is no changes in the climate problem. In most cases, the foods themselves are not labeled “environmentally friendly” or “polluting”, but the way they travel until they come to our table. XVIII. The 21st Century Industrial Revolution launched an avalanche that has not stopped since and is even accelerating year by year.

Vegan Meal Climate Change

Unfortunately, mechanized animal husbandry, including milking and slaughtering, often creates such undesirable conditions for livestock that they need different medicines (such as antibiotics) to survive. In addition to suffering for them, some of the active ingredients appear in meat and milk.

Under these circumstances, the consumption of food of animal origin has significantly increased the ecological footprint of mankind. It is expressing how much water and land society needs to sustain itself and process the waste it produces.

Mossarium vegan eco friendly
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Not surprisingly, Schwarzenegger had got enough, as his home, the United States of America, is one of the largest ecological footprint countries in the world, with about 8 hectares per inhabitant.
But beware, as the vegan lifestyle has increased the need for certain plant foods, and the companies responsible for production do not always rely on the most environmentally friendly methods to meet this.

Jungle Mexico deforestation
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For example, a scandal has erupted in Mexico due to the frequent illegal deforestation aimed at planting more avocado trees. To curb this, the export of avocados has been banned in several countries. And it happened that the Andean indigenous people were malnourished because companies were exporting their staple food, quinoa, at multiple prices rather than leaving it locally.

What Is The Solution?

The first key to a healthy lifestyle is to pay attention to the needs of your body. Some people find food of animal origin to be a good source of food. It is worthwhile for them to obtain them from the right source. But some people feel most comfortable with a plant-based diet. Your body always tells you what is ideal with ruthless sincerity.

Cheat day meal hamburger
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Accept the uniqueness and unrepeatability of your body, be honest with yourself and others about your diet. Also, always pay attention to where you buy and what you buy. This kind of awareness helps both vegans and non-vegans along the right path.

Sneak peek into Schwarzenegger fridge! – Video

The bodybuilder-actor-politician is almost completely vegan.

72-year-old Arnold Schwarzenegger was approached by Men’s Health video recorders to drop in his fridge and find out what keeps the seven-time Mr. Olympia in shape. The actor opened the door with a tight face, but of course, it was only part of the game, after which he chatted with the videographers he had initiated into his nutrition secrets.

Young Arnold Schwarzenegger eating habit
Photo: https://musclehack.com

The narrow ten-minute footage reveals that the former bodybuilder, who became world-famous in the title role of the Terminator, no longer eats meat at all, only steaks when his friends visit him. Also, she tries to refrain from most animal foods, except eggs, which are mixed with protein shakes made from fruits and almond milk. Schwarzenegger also pointed out a misconception that muscle can only be built from animal protein.

“All kinds of garbage.”

The actor, twice elected to governor of California, admitted that he had not been conscious about his health at a young age, claiming he had eaten “all kinds of garbage”. Today, however, he mainly consumes vegetables, fruits, and oatmeal, and one of her favorites – especially in the summer heat – is the diced watermelon.

Bodybuilding with vegan diet
Photo by: 9gag.com

He doesn’t have a problem alcoholic beverages, sometimes you add some brandy or tequila to a protein shake made on video, and there’s always an ice-cold lemon Radler in your fridge that you adore.
When asked about smart diets, he tells you not to follow fashionable eating trends but skips sugar and white bread by far. Besides, he is taking nutritional supplements and multivitamins but he know that they are only supplements to a healthy diet.

If you want to try a high protein diet like Arnold’s, here is an example: 3500 kcal ‘The Feast’ High Calorie Diet Plan [Sample]

Arnold Schwarzenegger is vegan
Photo: https://www.greatestphysiques.com

You are also wondering if they have so-called “cheating days” when they can afford a little more. He said yes to this, and even explained that even in the days of an active athlete, he may have been hesitant in a restaurant known for his cakes and pies, but he adds: “no one will do it for you ”.

Arnold Schwarzenegger diet
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The Hollywood legend is still very active today. He works out three times a week, and in the morning he is in the gym where he spends 45 minutes, and he also spends the same time cycling. However, having undergone cardiac surgery a few years ago, he no longer performs very strenuous workouts on the advice of his doctors, but rather with less weight and more repetition.

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