• Fitness Dinner Salmon Recipe
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    Fitness Recipe: Sous Vide Salmon Filets

    This is How Your Sous Vide Salmon Is Going to Be Delicious! At first, sous vide salmon seems a bit simple: quick heat treatment, a little spice to taste, and you’re done. However, it is better not to be foolish and to follow some basic rules. If you crave sous vide salmon like the one served in your favorite restaurant, there are a few things to keep in mind. If you are looking for a simple, healthy and fast dinner, salmon is always a good choice. And in the case of wolf hunger, perhaps the fastest is to make the fish in a pan. In this case, as opposed to…

  • Green Pea Mash Purée
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    Fitness Recipe: Creamy Green Pea Mash Purée

    Green Pea purée is a great accompaniment to almost every dishes and it’s very easy to make. Add an amazing splash of color and creamy texture to your dishes! The hardest thing when planning a menu is what to offer besides the meat dishes instead of the usual side dishes (potatoes, rice). That’s why I’m always happy to add a side dish to my list. At first, I was looking for an alternative to potato puree for dietary reasons and since everyone loves green peas at home, I had to try it in a puree form as well. Seasoned with parsley, a little basil, and garlic. It has become a…

  • Bodybuilding Pizza Recipe
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    Bodybuilding Diet Pizza Recipe

    Dieters Go Crazy for Cottage Cheese Pizza! Finally, a great idea to replace fattening pizza dough! This pizza doesn’t fatten! Everyone thinks that if you have a healthy and fitness lifestyle, pizza is excluded. The first thing to do about dieting is to forget the bread, and perhaps the hardest thing: Forget the pizza. Now forget this! I am going to prove to you that you can eat pizza during your diet, but no matter what kind of. When it comes to bodybuilding and healthy eating, everyone associates with diet and self-restraint. This is a very misconception and I am sad that many misunderstood blog posts and misrepresentations have created…

  • Fight Down Yo-yo Diet
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    How to Fight Down the Yo-yo Effect?

    Once you get rid of the fats in your diet, other times carbohydrates, and then, for the sake of diversity, your body feels like a carousel. The more extreme you subject yourself to, the bigger the problems you may have. If your diet is not nutritionally rich enough, it will not provide all the nutrients you need, which could lead to the health problems and yo-yo effects. [1] However, there is clear disagreement among professionals about what are the long-term health issues of the yo-yo effect. Why Is The Yo-yo Effect Harmful? Click here! Some say that there is no problem at all, others say it endangers everything from bones…

  • What is Yo-yo Effect
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    What is the Yo-yo Effect and How to Fight It Down?

    Up and down and up again. Are you frustrated because your weight is constantly moving up and down, almost more often than the hotel elevator? This is a typical example of a yo-yo effect, and anyone who has tried just one of the “effective” diets from fancy magazines has come across it. Why is this so? How to fight the yo-yo and lose weight once and for all. Click here! You can read all about this in my article. The yo-yo effect does not escape men and women, young and old alike. And unfortunately, not only does abdominal fat affect the yo-yo effect, but it also endangers health. No matter…

  • Benefits of Intermittent Fasting
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    5 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

    Different types of intermittent fasting have similar benefits. These include, for example, weight loss and cholesterol-lowering, or controlling blood glucose levels. Step by step, I present the effects intermittent fasting has experienced so far on health and the human body. Intermittent fasting is a relatively new idea in the diet and is, therefore, the subject of ongoing research into its effects on health or lifetime. 1. Intermittent Fasting Contributes to the Healthy Heart Most heart disease is a response to poor eating habits, high cholesterol or blood pressure. Adherence to alternate-day fasting for 8 weeks helped to lower LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the test group by 25-32%. [1]…

  • Intermittent fasting Types
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    Intermittent Fasting Would Be the Key to Successful Weight Loss? 

    Intermittent fasting would be the key to successful weight loss? Intermittent fasting has long been a favorite in the fitness community. That’s why we decided to show you what it is, what types we know, and what health effects you can expect from it. Here are 5 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting: Click Here! What is Intermittent Fasting Exactly? During Intermittent Fasting, eating and fasting periods alternate cyclically. This means that the deliberate restriction on calorie intake (up to 25% of your daily calorie intake) alternates between 16-24 hours with relatively normal intake for 8-24 hours, depending on the type of intermittent fasting.[1] Unlike other diets, almost everything can be eaten during…

  • Protein need
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    How Much Protein Can Your Body Build Into Muscle Mass?

    Have You Ever Wondered Why Every Scoop Measures Maximum 30g of Protein? Our topic today is protein metabolism and how much protein can our body build into muscle mass. It is very common to hear or read that our body can only replenish 20-30 grams of protein per meal. Is This True? I am sure you have come across articles on this topic that tells us that if we take more than 20-30g of protein in one meal, we will only waste the excess because we cannot digest it. This is not true! For example, if we eat 300 g of protein, 300 g of protein will be processed.But another…

  • Can Fat Be Necessary
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    Can Fat Be Necessary for You?

    Let’s talk about fats! Can fat be necessary for your health? Fat is an important energy source. It plays a significant role in the functioning of our body and in maintaining our health. It is essential for the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. So, think twice when you consider cut out fat from your diet. If you want to make clear what are the major mistakes you make during your diet. Click here! Fats can be divided into two basic types – saturated and unsaturated. Usually, both types are present in our diet, but different proportions. Saturated fats They are identified by their solid state at room temperature. High consumption of…

  • Most Common Mistakes During Diet
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    The 9 Most Common Mistakes You Can Make During Your Diet

    Avoid the Most Common Mistakes that can Backup You from Your Coveted Results! It has been several weeks since you started training and eating healthy, but you still can’t see the results. You are nervously checking your weight, counting calories, but you haven’t noticed any changes. We understand that losing weight is a really difficult and lengthy process. For this reason, avoid the most common mistakes that can endanger you when working on excess pounds. Read through our 9 tips and you may find the cause of your failure among them and you will finally achieve your fitness goals. The 7 Most Common Mistakes During Your Weight Loss Journey: 1.…