• Tuna buddha poke bowl recipe
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    POKE BOWL RECIPES: Easy Teriyaki Tuna Poke Bowl

    Beautiful, tasty and healthy food from Hawaii, with Japanese flavors! Marinated fish, fresh vegetables and rice are often the basis of poke bowls. Poke (pronounced poh-kay) means roughly “to slice or cut” in the Hawaiian language.  There’s a solution when you’re starving for a delicious poke bowl, but you don’t have all the ingredients at home or you just want to save some money. Fresh salmon fillets or sashimi lax are not always at home and to be honest, salmon is often expensive. This Tuna Poke Bowl is made with chunks of fresh tuna, edamame beans, carrot, sweet corns, shrimp salad, teriyaki mayo and sesame seeds served on a bed…

  • HOMEMADE POKE BOWL-Easy Tofu Poke Bowl [Vegan Recipe]
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    VEGAN RECIPES: Easy Homemade Tofu Poke Bowl

    Poke bowls have been very popular a while and I can understand why: it is the close brother of sushi and you can go so many ways with it. Today I make a poke bowl with tofu, avocado, corns, mango, cucumber, carrot, onions and salad. [2] Forget the acai bowl, now it’s the poke bowl that applies if you want to be trendy – and eat well! Poke has its origins in Hawaiian home cooking, the word means to “ to split” or “cut into pieces”. The dishes look different, but the base with rice, marinated fish (of course there are vegan options) and vegetables is often the same. [1]…