How Apple Watch changed my life
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How Has Apple Watch Changed My Life- 5 Things Apple Watch Has Surprised Me

Here are The Top 5 Things I Was Pleasantly Surprised by Apple Watch:

When the Apple Watch was first announced, I was very curious. I just love the new Apple gadgets and was wondering how you can help my life and of course my fitness journey. I was mainly interested because the previous shift to Macbook and my iPhone brought big dimensional leaps in my productivity, where I no longer had to pay attention to configuration, but simply things worked out and did their most important tasks.

How Apple Watch changed my life
Photo: Photo by Corinne Kutz on Unsplash

Apple Watch Made My Life Easier

I think that all sorts of tools and gadgets are meant to make our lives better. If using something causes frustration and slows our normal dynamic of our routine we need to sell it and switch to something better. So I started to wonder which Apple Watch is good for fitness? And most of all, is Apple Watch worth for fitness? In Apple Watch, I saw a huge potential to add changes to my life. I have been wondering for a long time whether I really need an Apple Watch or just carve for it without no reason (I think everyone feels this about Apple products, right?) Since we are not talking about a cheap product, I wanted to be sure of my decision. I did not wanted to make just an impulsive shopping.

When I started to search for Apple Watches. I did not insist on buying the latest model. I just start looking at which one I like the most, and the Series 3 was definitely my weak point. But, then I asked myself…Is Apple Watch Series 3 good for fitness?

Apple Watch series 3
Photo: Photo by Marcin Nowak on Unsplash

So, finally I have made my decision and I bought an Apple Watch Series 3. I’ve been using it daily for about half a year now and it didn’t even occur in my head to have such a fate. I felt it might be interesting to post about Apple Watch because my first thought was “Oh, it’s just would ruin my productivity because of the constant notifications coming in…” Well, you have to know that you can personalize your notifications in the ’Settings’. So, too much Apple Watch notification is can not be a problem. The thing is, I was very pleasantly surprised by the Apple Watch. Now, I will explain exactly how it helps my life and my everydays.

Why an Apple Watch?

I was not sure if I could handle a “wearable” device since I can not stand even a wristwatch on my arm. But I was also very curious about my fitness performance. Basically, I wanted to know every aspects of my workouts and the datas about them so make my workout programs more effective to get my results. For me, it is motivational to monitoring my daily performance during workout, and running, checking my pulse and the kilometers that I took.

After reading many reviews, watching hundreds of Apple Watch review videos on YouTube, my decision was definitely the Apple Watch. It best suited my aspects and its reliability. I really wanted a professional device but I also wanted a lasting product that I can consider as an investment. An investment into myself, my health.

But I am not just a sportsman, I am also a woman. So, obviously it was also an aspect for me to look aesthetically pleasing with my smartwatch . If you are already spending that much money on a smart device, you can not only wear it when you are in a fitness outfit but always. Even during your everyday life, you can fit it into your wardrobe without any effort, because it fits everything.

After all, the only alternative seemed to be the Apple Watch because I trusted that Apple had come up with the right gadget. I could have chosen from many other smartwatches that would have been significantly cheaper, but the thing is, I needed a trustable brand…

Why was I interested in the Apple Watch?

I fell immediately in love with the Apple Watch Series 3. I like the matte polished housing the best. It was very enjoyable to use from the first moment, and he knew what all Apple devices knew: he always did exactly what I expected. In the sequel, I will expand on what things make my everyday life easier now.

1. Morning Routine with Apple Watch

I usually pick up my Apple Watch just before I start my morning workout. Before I cut into my daily routine I do a little “meditation” with ‘Breath’. That’s when I even put my phone in flight mode. During these calming moments, I can listen to my breath and control my heartbeat. It just takes a minute and you can set goals for the day. You can focus on your mindset to reach your goals.

I love being able to see my pulse during ‘me time’ session. It is a good thing to include your morning routine. It helps you to get together what major tasks await you in a calmly way. Especially you are getting a comprehensive dashboard. I am sure it would make you more productive!

Apple Watch in flowers
Photo: Photo by Alvan Nee on Unsplash

The best is that you can personalize the front page. I really like when I glance at my Apple Watch, I see the data that really important to me and not other unnecessary ones or ones that not even relevant for my life form. The best in all that this is so simple to personalize that you can change your watch view during the week. On Monday maybe you want to see what major tasks and appointments await you- but on weekends, you can typically switch to a completely minimal view where you only see the exact time.

2. I Use My iPhone Less

Before my watch I always held my mobile close to my hand because, let’s be honest- these days you use your phone for really important things. Thanks to Apple Watch, I can leave my phone in my bag and I just have to grab it when something really happens.

When a call/message comes during a meeting, you do not have to go out immediately. Only you have to glance at my wrist discreetly and I can easily decide whether to pick up or not. Since the phone is mostly in my bag, it is less than I’m doing unnecessary things.

3. You can Take Notes During Running

Actually, this is my favorite! I usually start my running with an audiobook, and many times, usually in the most unexpected moments my ideas just start jumping in my mind and I have to write down them.

Before the Apple Watch, this is how it worked:

  • I stopped my running
  • I stop the music
  • I took my phone put from my running bag
  • I have to write down and take notes just about a few sentences
  • Phone back to the bag
  • And start running again…

This was so uncomfortable. I was just amazingly to see the voice recording in the menu. So I can make my notes just with a single touch on my watch. This changed everything because I do not have to stop again, I can start a voice recording that will automatically be added to my phone.

4. Now I Walk More

I have always loved to go for a walk but I am walking more now. Since I have got the Apple Watch, I have realized that I walk a lot more. It is because the built-in ACTivity App simply encourages me to walk. A small activity circle indicates how are my daily goals, and it notices my activity instantly when I get up and start doing something automatically.

Generally, at the half of the day, I always reach the goal. It is not that hard when I start my day with running then an intensive home workout. Interesting to see how motivational this little gadget could be.

5. You Don’t Need Headset While You Drive

Today there is a lot of solutions to how we can handle incoming phone calls while driving which are also not dangerous. I think most people use their phones with a loudspeaker. It is not a bad way at all. However, you must be always prepared that you have your phone with you in your car.

Fitness body with Apple Watch

In this case Apple Watch is the best way to make a phone while you drive. If you just think about it….You don’t even have to let go off the steering wheel and you can easily answer your call right away. Apple Watch has built-in microphone and loudspeaker and it works perfectly. You just need to talk to your watch on your wrist.

6. How about Productivity?

I always wonder when I see others getting notifications from literally everything and their phone peeps all day. (e-mail, Facebook message, Viber, etc.) Apple Watch is synchronized with your iPhone so it will disturb by the incoming notifications. You have to turn off these notifications and just leave the important ones that help your life.

I get notices from the following things on my arm:

  • Calendar: Honestly, it hard sometimes to follow which day, date is today and to coordinate with important tasks, and deadlines.
  • PayPal: I think I don’t need to specify why it is important.
  • BASECAMP: It is a project management software I use for work.
  • Duolingo: It’s great app to learn languages. I started learning French about a year ago so I get notifications about my daily homework.
  • Breath: I get a short message during the day, which is always bring me back to the present. It helps you to control your breath relax for a mixture, reenergize your focus. It helps you a lot especially when you have are sitting in front your laptop all day.

I always use Apple Watch to use so much so that only vibration is sensitive to my arm. When I do some very focused creative work (writing, drawling, etc.), then I will take it off because I like to lose my “reality” in creative work.


Apple Watch added a lot to my life as it is like a personal assistant who reminds the most important things: When I have to go to a place, what’s the day # 1 task, how much I need to workout until the daily goal is reached.

The clock itself does not increase productivity, but if we use it consciously, it can help you much more. To do this, you should turn off most notifications and leave only those that are absolutely important and give good feelings if you can see them. If you move your fantasy to Apple Watch, then I think you should do a try. Find out as soon as possible, how you can make your life more conscious and effective.



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