• Healthy cheap meals hacks and tricks
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    Is It Too Expensive to Eat Healthy? Tips and Hacks How to Eat Healthy and Save Money Meantime

    Nowadays, it is very important how much we spend on food. We all have our financial rules on how much we no longer want to spend on a particular food, especially if they are in the “healthy line” of the supermarket. How much is that? Is a healthy diet more expensive? You don’t have any idea how to eat healthy cheap meals?  It would be hard to deny that the concept of healthy eating in the public consciousness is also associated with the fact that healthy food is expensive. From this, people get the conclusion that you must have a lot of money then. Let’s make it clear, THEY ARE…

  • What does Arnold Schwarzenegger eat?
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    Breaking: Arnold Schwarzenegger Became 99 %Vegan

    Arnold Schwarzenegger became vegan. But why? The Terminator says he is “following a 99% vegan diet”. When Arnold Swarzenegger became vegan, you have to think about something. Hasta La Vista Chicken Breast! “If someone tells you to eat a lot of meat to be strong, don’t believe it!” The Chinese government chained the big bodybuilding champion. In their campaign, they encourage the Chinese people to consume less meat. The goal is to reduce the number of deaths from heart disease and diabetes in China. And they tried to assure the credibility of the campaign with Arnold Schwarzenegger, but this was a bit of a contradiction for the bodybuilding legend, who…

  • Best diets in 2020
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    10 of the Best Diets That Will Dominate 2020- This Is What You Have to Eat in 2020

    This is what you have to eat in 2020. I collected the best diets Of 2020 and nutrition strategies that will conquer in this year. My list includes what eating trends are going to peruse this year in the field of food. I will introduce you the best diets of 2020 and I will tell you what makes sense and what is total stupidity. Almost every year, there is a new magic diet that really and “really is the diet” for slimming now. Plus they promise that we will be healthy as long as we live. In recent years, we all have tried popular methods to achieve our dream form,…

  • Is Creatine dangerous?
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    Which Creatine Dosage Is Right for You? [Creatine Dosage Chart]

    Don’t know how much creatine dose is right for you? In this article I am going to explain what’s the point of creatine and how can you manage your creatine dosage. Creatine today is a very common nutritional supplement that speeds up the process of gaining muscle mass and improves performance and has other beneficial effects. Creatine can increase the endurance of skeletal muscles.This is the main reason why people take creatine, but some people incorporate this dietary supplement because of it has also neuroprotective effect. But What Is Creatine And Why Should You Take It? Creatine is an amino acid, it replaces the ATP used in muscle work, adenosine…

  • How to sous vide
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    Is Sous-vide Really that Good? How Does Sous-vide Work?

    What Is the Point of Sous-vide? The basics of heat transfer in a vacuum. Sous-vide literally means under vacuum. This is a cooking process in which the vacuumed (airtight) food is placed in a water bath and cooked at a fixed, set temperature. Cooking is done at a much lower temperature and for longer periods of time than normal. There are many tools, machines, and thus kitchen technology that were previously only available in restaurant kitchens. But now they are more widespread in average households.Rapid technological advances also affect gastronomy in a positive way. Newer kitchen appliances are constantly appearing, opening gates in directions that have been closed till now.…

  • The Secret of the Best Smoothie Bowl
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    The Secret of the Perfect Smoothie Bowl

    What can you put into the smoothie bowl? How can you make your smoothie bowl thicker? Now I’m going to reveal all the key steps of making a smoothie bowl and how to make them the most delicious. If you follow these steps, the result will be the best smoothie bowl in the world. Smoothie Bowl for Breakfast – What is the Smoothie Bowl and How to Make it? New food trends are sweeping the internet, month after month, swapping each other at such a speed that it is almost impossible to keep up with them. Of course, many crazy things look good on photos, but they are neither practical…