• Mango green tea smoothie bowl recipe
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    What Fruits Mix Well with Mango? [Mango Green Tea Smoothie Bowl Recipe]

    We will use my favorite fruit and my favorite drink for this smoothie bowl recipe. The brightly colored fruit is a rich source of nutrients and vitamins, and can, therefore, be beneficial in countless diseases. Many mango smoothie bowl recipes are already known. There are thousands of them…But I bet you haven’t heard how well mango goes with green tea. Let’s see how do you like my mango green tea smoothie bowl! Rich in Nutrients and Vitamins – The Mango This mango green tea smoothie bowl that we eat rather than drink because it has a slightly thicker texture. It’s no secret that mornings – especially during the week –…

  • Metabolic Booster Smoothie Bowl Recipe
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    Metabolic Spinning Strawberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe [Only 43 kcal Needed]

    Smoothie Bowl with 43 kcal Strawberry: The metabolic spinning strawberry smoothie bowl, which lasts a long time, spins the metabolism and is very delicious. Have you ever thought that you can not just drink but eat a metabolic accelerating smoothie? Smoothies can help a lot to boost your digestion and, thanks to a lot of fiber, support it. However, keep in mind that a smoothie can make a whole meal, as it has plenty of calories. This metabolic spinning strawberry Smoothie bowl recipe is going be exactly like this. This form of smoothie is also full of useful nutrients, but with relatively little added liquid, so its texture is dense,…

  • The Secret of the Best Smoothie Bowl
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    The Secret of the Perfect Smoothie Bowl

    What can you put into the smoothie bowl? How can you make your smoothie bowl thicker? Now I’m going to reveal all the key steps of making a smoothie bowl and how to make them the most delicious. If you follow these steps, the result will be the best smoothie bowl in the world. Smoothie Bowl for Breakfast – What is the Smoothie Bowl and How to Make it? New food trends are sweeping the internet, month after month, swapping each other at such a speed that it is almost impossible to keep up with them. Of course, many crazy things look good on photos, but they are neither practical…

  • Pink Smoothie Bowl
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    SMOOTHIE RECIPES: Pink Fruit Smoothie Bowl Recipe

    Pink smoothie recipe? Yes! And it is not just for girls. Healthy and delicious – what everyone wants. The strawberry dragon fruit smoothie bowl is easy to prepare. Making a smoothie doesn’t take much time, and it’s also very healthy thanks to its high nutrient and fiber content. If you try a quick, healthy and delicious breakfast that lasts until lunch, try the recipe below, you won’t regret it. Let’s Start Your Day Healthy! ThIs smoothie bowl is going to help exactly in this, starting your day. This form of smoothie is also full of useful nutrients, but is made with relatively little added liquid, so its texture is dense,…