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10 of the Best Diets That Will Dominate 2020- This Is What You Have to Eat in 2020

This is what you have to eat in 2020. I collected the best diets Of 2020 and nutrition strategies that will conquer in this year. My list includes what eating trends are going to peruse this year in the field of food. I will introduce you the best diets of 2020 and I will tell you what makes sense and what is total stupidity.

Diet trends in 2020
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Almost every year, there is a new magic diet that really and “really is the diet” for slimming now. Plus they promise that we will be healthy as long as we live.

Gym fitness diets weight loss
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In recent years, we all have tried popular methods to achieve our dream form, such as paleo, ketogenic, zone, blood group, metabolism, decontamination, Mediterranean and 90-day diets. Does it sound familiar?
If none of them worked for you, then this is the new year, a fresh start, a new nutritional strategy, and a new hope that we will succeed at this time.
Let’s see what are the best diets of 2020 and what’s the difference between them!

Pursue a healthy diet, instead of a strict diet!

According to foreign magazines, the reason behind the method of dieting is constantly changing, is the idea of pursue a healthy lifestyle. Attaining health is becoming more and more popular in addition to losing weight. People want to eat healthy foods while avoiding artificial flavors, dyes, hormones, and additives.

Healthy breakfast
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People are more interested in where and how were the vegetables and fruits produced, and what conditions were the animals kept under. Also, the plant-based diet will become more widespread. It means more and more vegetables, seeds, and legumes will be appear in our food.

Professionals call this a revolutionary lifestyle change

For those who are interested in what’s going on in the U.S and looking at some absurd social criticism. I strongly recommend the relevant part of South Park (Season 23 Episode 4), where kids get “processed vegetable meat” instead of processed meat in the canteen.

The healthy trend also shows that it is the era of superfoods (non-man-made essential nutrients). So more and more superfood will appear on our shelves. But of course, we can experiment with all sorts of diets, the best diets of 2020. But the question is how much sense do they have.

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Whats a Good Diet Plan? What diets actually work? What is the diet plan for losing weight?

No one can give you the right answer. You have to accept this! Everyone may react differently to a particular diet. All you can do is read legit information for a specific diet and choose the right one for yourself.
All you can do is: pick one of the best diets of 2020, which is tying to pursue a healthy lifestyle and not a meaningless or even meaningful diet.

But let’s see the list of the best diets of 2020:

1. Intuitive Eating

What is intuitive eating? Intuitive diet is probably the most permissive kind of nutrition strategy from the best diets of 2020. People always make a mistake with constantly starving themselves, depriving themselves of the best snack or struggling with shame if they were seduced sometimes. Perhaps this is why this “ trendy diet of 2020” is more like a “new lifestyle” , which is called intuitive eating.

Intuitive eating
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This is an extremely conscious form of eating that emphasizes eating a pleasure rather than self-indulgence. This means that you can eat everything, nothing is forbidden, food is not a crime. However, you have to monitor your body sensations constantly. You always have to listen to your body signals.

Frequently Asked Questions:

“Is intuitive eating good?”

“I think this is not the best way to reach your goals. It is really important to listen to your body and monitor your signals during intuitive diet. You have to know how your body works and what your body needs. But for a person with a stressed lifestyle or a person who has a sweet tooth, for example, this process can go a long way. If someone has a sweet tooth, he or she will always want the candy and have a good chance of consuming it, which will lead to weight gain. In addition to intuition, it is very important to learn about healthy eating recommendations, which can help is a dietitian, as well as checking the food labels. ”

2. Flexitarian Diet

The name comes from the words “flexible” and “vegetarian”. It reflects its point: you don’t have to give up meat, but you have to eat meat less often. Flexitarian diet not a strict diet. It’s just a diet that reduces meat consumption. The point is that you should eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, and meat only every three to five days. Processed foods and sugar should be avoided.

Fruitarian diet healthy diet trends in 2020
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“How often do flexitarians eat meat?”

“The flexitarian diet recommends eating five meals a day. You should eat a lot of fruits and veggies and meat on every three or five years. This diet can be a good choice, you have to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, and less meat. A plant-based diet high in dietary fiber has a beneficial effect on the body and has many health benefits in reducing processed meat. ”

3. Primal Diet

During the primal diet, you only can eat foods that are presented in unprocessed, pure form. The primary purpose of the primal diet is to “detoxify” the body of toxins. Raw foods, including meat, such as sushi, carpaccio, steak are recommended. There is a more allowable version of this primal diet, in which you can consume cooked meat, but you should drink unpasteurized milk. Recommended foods include fruits, vegetables, sprouts, oilseeds, rice, and quinoa.

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teriyaki tuna bowl
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What can you eat on the primal diet?

“Be careful with this diet, dietary supplements that promise detoxification! A healthy body constantly detoxifies itself, so it doesn’t require any special diet. Optimally, the liver, kidneys, lungs, and colon are detoxified. If we are working properly, you should support the right functioning of the liver, kidneys, and colon with a balanced, proper diet, such as drinking enough dietary fiber and plenty of fluids and avoiding alcohol and fatty foods. ”

4. IF (Intermittent Fasting)

Intermittent fasting gains tremendous popularity abroad. It is expected that by 2020 it will explode.d Here the periods of eating and fasting alternate. While fasting, you eat nothing or very little, but if it is mealtime, you can consume everything. So it is not what we eat, but what the intervals are. There are several versions for this, the most comfortable is probably the 16/8. This means that in our day we set eight hours, according to your lifestyle – from 10 am to 6 pm for the sake of example – when we can eat, but before and after.

“Intermittent Fasting Would Be the Key to Successful Weight Loss?”

What can you eat on intermittent fasting?

“This diet is professionally incorrect. You can eat everything. Everyone is spared the intricate details; One of the biggest problems is missing out on breakfast, although this is a very important meal when we are replenishing our energy supply. And not eating for 16 hours is too long, and the body does not get enough nutrients.”

5. MIND Diet

It is a mixture of Mediterranean and DASH diets used primarily for the prevention of neurodegenerative diseases. It helps to keep nerve cells in the brain in good condition, helping to prevent Parkinson’s disease or dementia. For example, as the English word MIND means, meaning “mind”.

MIND diet drinking wine
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“What can you eat on the mind diet?”

“The diet is based on the basic rules of eating wholegrain cereals three times a day, vegetables once a day, drinking a glass of wine every day; legumes three times a week, poultry meat twice a week, fish once a week on our plate. On the banned food list there are fried foods, red meats, cheese, butter, pastries, and refined sugar. The expert believes that this diet approaches the principles of healthy eating. A well-balanced diet that prioritizes poultry and fish over red meat. Regular consumption of whole grains, vegetables and legumes are recommended. “

6. Ayurvedic Diet

It is not the first time we have heard about the Ayurvedic diet, but it looks like it will become very popular in the upcoming years. This is an ancient Indian diet that is thousands of years old and distinguishes between three types of body composition and advises appropriate nutrition to preserve health, retard old age and disease. The dieter regularly consults with his ayurvedic leader about his existence and supplements the diet with traditional yogic cleansing techniques and massages.

Flexitarian Diet Food Bowl
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“What does the Ayurvedic diet consist of?”

“Because of the widespread use of plant-based nutrition in India, it is a positive trend. However, it is a critical point of Ayurveda that it thinks in categories and schemes. “A dietitian gives you a more personalized, personalized guide. An individual diet is always best for the individual. ”

7. Instagram Diet

One of the most popular dishes of 2020 will probably be the “Instagram Fruits”. The nickname is that because of their color, interesting shape and texture. These are very exotic delicacies of the photo that people like to have on Instagram, such as kiwi, carambola or dragon fruit. Of course, these are not only good on the web, but they are also full of vitamins and minerals. So you will probably find more exotic fruits on supermarket shelves in 2020.

Dragon fruit smoothie bowl
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“Is Instagram Diet a Real Diet?”

“First of all, I recommend everyone to choose locally produced fruits and vegetables and to buy according to the season. We do not know how these exotic fruits are handled, where they come from, and the ecological footprint is huge when it comes to transporting them. If we try them, it is worth starting with a smaller amount at the first tasting, because we do not know how our body reacts. ”

8. African Superfood Diet

According to magazines, the biggest trend in 2020 will be superfoods from Africa. These include, for example, the leaves of millet, tamarind or moringa tree, which is one of the richest sources of nutrients, and the absolute nutrient has been proclaimed the native grain of Africa, the euphonium, as it is easily digestible, gluten-free, rich in magnesium, zinc, potassium with a low-fat content.

African superfood
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“Are the African superfoods dangerous?”

“Of course, eating exotic fruits is a healthy thing.About foreign superfoods, the expert has the same perception as exotic fruits and emphasizes that these are foods that we have never eat before, so it is not clear how they effects our body. We can color our diet with them, but it is not worth eating them daily. In other words, it’s unnecessary to go crazy for these new features.”

9. Vegetable Drinks

Forget soy, almond, and rice milk, and the latest trend is “oat milk”. Oat milk is full of magnesium and vitamins. It is reported that more and more people will be asking for their coffee, and more and more, such as ice cream, yogurt, and coffee cream.

Vegetable drink vegetable milk
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“Is oat milk good for weight loss?”

“Experts are calling for moderation, as many canned oats contain sugar, stabilizers, and gluten. But you also have to know the fact, it is not a coincidence that “oat drink” and not “oat milk” appears on the boxes (as in “almond drink” instead of “almond milk” and so on). The fact that we call these drinks milk in our daily lives causes a lot of misunderstanding and does not cover reality, as these herbal drinks have nothing to do with milk. “For some diseases, food allergies, such as cow’s milk allergy, these drinks can be great, so they have a reason, but that doesn’t mean we’re talking about milk alternatives. For a healthy person, replacing milk for these drinks is not purely fashionable, since milk is a complete source of protein and, for example, is the most effective source of calcium that the body needs. ”

10. Alcohol Is Not a Thing Anymore

Already during happy hour occasions in Western Europe, mocktails, or alcohol-free cocktails, are served in many places, as “drinking” and alcohol consumption are becoming out of fashion. In addition to the mocktail, flavored mineral waters, vegetable juices and “virgin beverages” that contain syrup and spices are taking over. Examples include fake gin-tonics that do not contain gin, but also coriander, cardamom, and angelica in addition to the tonic.

Drinking alcohol makes you fat
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What does virgin mean in drinks?

“Virgin beverages doesn’t contain alcohol. I can agree with that. Avoiding alcohol is part of your health awareness.”

So what should you do now with this?

I followed a single rule, and that’s how I ended up and lose weight.
It is better not to follow the newer and newer fashion diets, but to constantly strive for healthy eating. A healthy diet supplemented with lots of exercises and an adequate amount of sleep. If you want to organize your meal, make sure to consult a dietitian!

Dietarian advice
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“Unfortunately, at present, anyone can be a nutrition expert. The consequence of this is that many unprofessional persons come to light and mislead people. And it is extremely unethical and dangerous to give any person who has a food allergy or other illness nutritional advice. “

That is, dietitians can provide you accurate diet advice I just can tell my own story and opinion on this fitness blog. Even if you are following a healthy lifestyle, you just want to go to a dietitian – and not just a fitness trainer – just to lose weight.

Fruit diet trend in 2020
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