• How to make Dalgona coffee

    [The New TikTok Craze] The Dalgona Coffee: With Only 3 Ingredients

    The whipped ‘Dalgona’ coffee, TikTok’s latest viral trend. Dalgona coffee can easily be made at home. A creamy, three-ingredient coffee known as Dalgona is originally from South Korea is taking over social media during the coronavirus quarantine. This new craze started in late January, according to Google Trends. But it gained attention at the end of February. Probably it was because a Korean YouTuber uploaded a video, which is actually trending and viral. It was an ASMR- style video about how to make Dalgona coffee at home. That mesmerizing video already has more than 3.5 million views. We bring the cafe home: Dalgona coffee is the new trend It looks like…

  • Sex in a pan protein cake dessert
    Fitness Lifestyle,  Recipes

    Fitness Recipe: ‘Sex in a Pan’ Protein Cake

    Have you ever heard of the delicacy of “Sex in a pan”? Underneath the name is a great walnut cake hidden in a pudding topped with a hearty layer of cottage cheese mixture that simply cannot be resisted. Try the fitness version of this walnut cake enriched with protein. Let it seduce you! We are going through difficult times, now due to the Coronavirus. But that does not mean we can not pamper ourselves. But be careful! Remember, that everything is closed! Now there is no gym and no fitness classes. Given this situation, I recommend this fitness poretin cake recipe, which is the “healthy” version of seduction and yet…

  • Must see bodybuilding movies
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    13 Inspirational Bodybuilding Movies You Must See

    For many bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts, bodybuilding is not just a hobby but a lifestyle. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno are not only actors and muscle sculptures but also role models and idols. So I have selected the top 13 inspirational movies about bodybuilding lifestyle that pump you up. They could help to motivate yourself for even better results and show you how the concept of “bodybuilding” has changed over time. Pumping Iron Which bodybuilding fan wouldn’t know about “Pumping Iron”? The 1977 documentary follows the lives of two of the most well-known bodybuilders of the golden age of bodybuilding and their preparation for Mr. Olympia and Mr. Universe competitions.…

  • How to boost up your immune system

    Boost Up Your Immune System [Protect Your Body from Diseases]

    You all know that one of the most important things is good nutrition for preserving health, protecting and strengthening the immune system. The major function of your immune system is to protect your organs from related pathogens. For example, viruses and bacterias, and release them from your body. If your immune system has access to appropriate nutrients, you will increase your activity and your body will be respected to different infections and diseases. If you eat one-sidedly, you will lose valuable nutrients, which will weaken your immune system and make you less resistant to various diseases. Just think of the winter flu epidemics. Malnutrition, vitamin deficiency will weaken your defense…

  • Disadvantage of eating insects

    Why Should You Eat Insects? I’ll tell you! Insect Eating Diet is the New Black

    It has found that crickets, grasshoppers, and cornflowers contain five times more antioxidants than freshly squeezed orange juice. [4] What if I say eating insects is going to be a popular diet soon? Experts say it would be good for the planet and for our health to consume more arthropods instead of four-legged ones. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, there are more than a thousand edible insect species in the world, but it will be a long time before insect-eating becomes a popular lifestyle.The introduction of foreign cuisine is a decades-long process, and so are insects. In four-fifths of the world’s countries, insect-eating is…