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BODYBUILDER PROTEIN PANCAKES and 4 Effects of Gluten-free Lifestyle [+Recipe]

The Fluffiest Protein Pancakes without Carbs and The Effects of Gluten-free Lifestyle

Protein pancake

These protein pancakes with oats are the ultimate solution for fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders.

Oatmeal is a breakfast for dieters. You don’t have to be a professional chef. This fitness pancake recipe is the easiest to make.
A delicious diet breakfast or a snack, you can easily include into your diet.

The First Question Is WHY Oats?

It’s no secret, everyone feels that gluten-free lifestyle is taking the lead among people who take care of their health and body. The question is, do you eat like that too?

Various research materials are available and there are many types of articles on the internet about gluten and gluten sensitivity. (Here is one!)

You don’t have to do anything, you just sit back and then we’ll discuss if you have to do anything with gluten-free diet at all.
The point is not to keep your gluten-free diet under all circumstances and at any cost or stick to the Paleo or high-protein diet even if you can no longer afford the expenses or the effort.

If you remember, I always suggest that you have to create your own personal diet.

Your diet have to be your lifestyle, what you can keep, what you love. It doesn’t matter if others try to squeeze it into a framework. NO! There is freedom, and you should insist on that.

What does contain gluten? As a healthy person how can you handle that? What should you do with that?

Gluten can be found in grain, but you also have to know that gluten is also a protein. A mixture of two proteins, prolamine, and gliadin.

Your biggest source of gluten normally: WHEAT. Bread, flour, pastries, cereals, biscuits, pasta. In just Europe, this is approx. 60-70% of an average person’s nutrition.

Gluten wheat
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This is too much, the genetically modified or bred wheat varieties do not help either. So the situation has arisen that “everyone has become gluten sensitive”, in some form and quality.

Gluten is like a common enemy, now wet blamed for everything…The pheasant is just a protein.

  • Barley: Low in gluten
  • Oats: Low in gluten
  • Rye: Medium amount of gluten
  • Wheat: This is the main source of gluten
Breakfast wholegrain waffels
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4 Things Going to Happen if You Eliminate Gluten from Your Diet

  1. Your mood is going to be better!

    Many people who live on sandwiches experience foggy thinking, more frequent nervousness, and depression. Because they are dewy from perceiving signs of our bodies, the complication comes from not noticing if your immune system doesn’t like gluten.
    Inflammation develops in your body after eating a cocoa swirl. This an antibody response to higher gluten lever in your body system.
    Brain tissue also becomes inflamed, your head can hurt for example.
    If you experience a headache after every spaghetti, eliminate whipping things from your diet right away!

  2. You are going to have more define ABS

    Gluten is typically present in carbohydrates. Bread, croissants, and cakes that carry gluten in large portions led you to gain weight.
    These carbohydrates retain water from your body. So the next day you will look more swollen and bloated. If you don’t eat these, the excess water will also leave.

  3. Your blood sugar level improves

    So, as soon as there is no gluten, you have to forget the delicious flours and processed foods that have a significant effect on your blood sugar levels. No more blood sugar fluctuations or binge eating attacks. This would be the the end of your weight loosing journey.

  4. Improve your insulin sensitivity!

    In 2011, a clinical trial material appeared in the Journal of Obesity that found that people who focused solely on their hormonal balance in their bodies lost 65% more than those who counted calories.
    Insulin is also a hormone that can be manipulated quite well with your carbohydrate levels.. Gluten comes mainly from your carbohydrate-based foods, so if it stops, your cells will respond super-sensitively to your minimum carbs, and thus to your lower insulin strokes.
    This is their natural state, so they will be happy with this change.
Bodybuilder pancake recipe

Watch out!

They do not look like a source of gluten, although they are:

  • spice mixtures
  • Pre-prepared fried fish and meat
  • orzo (rice-shaped pasta)
  • soups with lots and lots of pasta
  • pre-packaged french fries
  • chips
  • pudding powder
  • salad dressings

Come up with some alternatives in your diet!
As I have mentioned before, the point is not to avoid every single gluten molecule without sparing all conditions and costs! This is very cumbersome anyway, you won’t be able to eat in any restaurant.
The point is to reduce or minimize your consumption because we don’t need it in particular.

Try these:

Bodybuilder breakfast pancake

Ingredients for Protein Pancakes:

  • 2 egg whites
  • 1 tbsp finely ground oat flour or oatmeal
  • 25 g Protein Powder – Try this: Quest Nutrition Cinnamon Crunch Protein Powder
    (Chef’s Note: Cinnamon flavored protein powders are heavenly in pancakes!)
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • Milk/Vegetable Milk (Depending on density)
  1. Make whipped cream from the egg whites. It just takes a few minutes to create a rigid, fluffy foam.
  2. Then separately mix the ground oatmeal with the protein powder, baking powder, and the salt.
  3. Carefully! It better to hand whisk not to destroy the foaminess.
  4. Heat the pan and blow/drip olive oil under the first pancake.
  5. Bake both halves of the pancakes for just a few sec, then you can put the prepared pancakes in a tower and season them to taste!
Blueberry pancakes
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Topping variations for oat protein pancakes:

I hope you enjoy my Bodybuilder Protein Pancake Recipe and you will recreate it. Do not keep this delicious recipe just for yourself! Do not hesitate to share it with your friends as well!

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[1] Zabos protein palacsinta, a diétázó férfiak reggelije! De miért?