The Secret of the Best Smoothie Bowl
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The Secret of the Perfect Smoothie Bowl

What can you put into the smoothie bowl? How can you make your smoothie bowl thicker? Now I’m going to reveal all the key steps of making a smoothie bowl and how to make them the most delicious. If you follow these steps, the result will be the best smoothie bowl in the world.

What can you put in the smoothie bowl?
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Smoothie Bowl for Breakfast – What is the Smoothie Bowl and How to Make it?

New food trends are sweeping the internet, month after month, swapping each other at such a speed that it is almost impossible to keep up with them. Of course, many crazy things look good on photos, but they are neither practical nor the healthiest. However, this is not going to be the case now – on the contrary!

How can I make smoothie bowl thicker?
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I present to you a very healthy, very delicious and easy-to-eat breakfast food. This is the smoothie bowl! While a traditional smoothie is a drink (with a straw or straight from the glass), the smoothie bowl, is an extra dense smoothie that needs to be spoon-fed.

Smoothie Drink
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Each smoothie bowl is based on some liquid (usually vegetable milk, but can also be fruit or vegetable juice, coconut water or plain water) and frozen fruit/vegetable mix well. Also, the list of other ingredients is endless and depends on how nutritious and the density of the smoothie bowl we want to make: it can include extra fruit, nuts, seeds, muesli, granola and more.

How Did the Smoothie Bowl Craze Begin?

The trend started with a distant relative of the smoothie bowl, which is nothing more than the acai bowl. It is based on the acai berry, a super oxidant rich in antioxidants from Brazil, which is well-liked for its sour taste. The acai bowl is also ideal for breakfast, snacks, or pre- or post-workout meals at any time of day. Frozen acai puree is mixed with a little guarana syrup and topped with a few slices of banana and granola.

Does fruit have to be frozen for smoothie bowl
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They started to substitute this delicacy in the U.S. with other fruits instead of acai berries and other super healthy ingredients, and the smoothie bowl was born.

How to Make a Delicious and Nutritious Smoothie Bowl?

The great thing about the smoothie bowl is that there are no mandatory rules or regulations to make, so you can vary the ingredients entirely to your liking or ability.

How to make sweet smoothie?
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However, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Make the Smoothie Base Dense

    All smoothies are based on frozen or slightly frozen, semi-thawed fruit. To achieve proper density, use egg, banana, mango slices, avocado, greek yogurt, chia seeds, kernel butter (like almond butter), or ice cubes if you only have fresh fruit at home.
  2. Add Liquid to Mix Well

    This can be, for example, coconut milk, almond milk, hemp milk, coconut water, or water.
  3. Make the Smoothie Bowl Tasty, Colorful, and Nutritious

    To make it tastier and more colorful, add the strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, vegetables (spinach, pumpkin) or other fruits (acai berries, dragon fruit, pineapple) to the smoothie base. You can also add protein powder, spirulina powder, coconut oil or herbal powder blend to the nutrient boost for a smoothie base.
  4. Serve Aesthetically

    Sprinkle on top eg. berries (raspberries, blackberries, cranberries, currants, goji berries, etc.) or other fruits (kiwi slices, pomegranate seeds, banana slices, etc.). If you want a crunchier (and of course more nutritious) experience, sprinkle with nuts, seeds (almonds, brazil nuts, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds, etc.).
Are smoothie bowls healthy?
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I have already created a ‘Pink Smoothie Bowl Recipe’ you can freely use: Click here! or you can find it below:

Have you tried my ‘Pink Fruit Smoothie Bowl Recipe Yet? Let me know in the comments how was it and inspire others.
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