• One week Mediterranean diet plan
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    One Week Diet Plan for the Mediterranean Diet [FREE]

    Weed out the harmful substances trapped in the intestinal flora if you eat like this:I show you a one-week Mediterranean diet plan One week sample diet for the Mediterranean diet There are billions of bacteria in the human intestinal tract that play an active role in human digestion, but also in many other processes that contribute to fat storage and weight loss. And recent research suggests that plant-based diets may help maintain microbial health. Low-carbohydrate diets, and those that contain mainly plant-based foods and protein, such as the Mediterranean diet or the Okinawan diet, have some beneficial effects. Due to their low carbohydrate content, they are also ideal for diabetics.…

  • Metabolic Booster Smoothie Bowl Recipe
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    Metabolic Spinning Strawberry Smoothie Bowl Recipe [Only 43 kcal Needed]

    Smoothie Bowl with 43 kcal Strawberry: The metabolic spinning strawberry smoothie bowl, which lasts a long time, spins the metabolism and is very delicious. Have you ever thought that you can not just drink but eat a metabolic accelerating smoothie? Smoothies can help a lot to boost your digestion and, thanks to a lot of fiber, support it. However, keep in mind that a smoothie can make a whole meal, as it has plenty of calories. This metabolic spinning strawberry Smoothie bowl recipe is going be exactly like this. This form of smoothie is also full of useful nutrients, but with relatively little added liquid, so its texture is dense,…

  • loose weight dinner idea

    The Best Fitness Tuna Salad

    We all love a million kinds of salads, but let’s be honest, tuna salad is the top of all. Whether you want to create your slimmer version of yourself or you are just making attention to healthy nutrition, fitness tuna salad is always going to be a great idea. Tuna salad always starts with a big bowl. Do not be afraid of it, this is the perfect dinner you can fill your stomach without any compunction with. Ingredients: -2 cans of tuna packed in oil-1 package of pre-packed mixed salad (you are also free to use any kind of salad you want) -1 piece of tomato-1 piece of red onion-1…