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4 Best Nutritional Supplements for Those Whose Are Struggling to Develop

Are you tired of looking in the mirror, you realize you’re still thin? Find out what are the best nutritional supplements for you! If you think you are the only one who feels that it is almost futile to train because you still cannot gain as much muscle mass as you want, then you are wrong. There are a lot of people in this shoe.

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Many people, when you tell others that you visit the gym six times per week, it triggers weird reactions from the other party and maybe say, “no, I don’t see it”. It could be partially right, because people who have difficulty developing, they gain muscle slowly and gradually. Although, we notice a lot of minimal changes to ourselves, which is no wonder because they do not know our body parts as well.

You can do it
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That is why others do not consider our arm to be half an inch thicker. Needless to say, because we hear criticisms (because we will hear). But we don’t have to stop training right away. This is the attitude of the losers. One thing differentiates a loser from a winner, and that is perseverance. That is the thought we must take to the room.

“Better than Coke!”

The best nutritional supplement manufacturers promise us great development and tremendous muscle when we buy their products. I’ve seen a slogan that said “better than coke”. Which is clearly ridiculous.

This is not the point, but are the manufacturers at least partially true? I think I’ve said the point with this question, so nutrition manufacturers are partly telling the truth. You don’t have to fall for any promise of “3kg in 1 week” etc. However, it is a fact that we can benefit from basic, solid nutrition, as well as supplements.

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Consider that there were times when there were no nutritional supplements and “super brutal extreme” matrices. And yet it was possible to build muscle mass with solid food and determination.

So, before you buy a nutritional supplement, I ask you to think about: What can this nutritional supplement, which I cannot solve with meals, provide? Many hardgainers think: I buy a 5kg weight gainer and it’s all done!

I don’t have to deal with chicken breast and rice because it’s weight gaining here. And on average, things get really bad here. Liquid weight gain or meal replacement (MEAL Replacement) supplements are NOT a substitute for solid nutrition.

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We can use it up to 3 times, but there are many who have enough and 1-2. The rest, ie the remaining 3-4-5 meals, must be solved with really solid foods. No matter how difficult. So now that we’ve clarified these things, here’s what we recommend for a bodybuilder who is struggling to develop.

Bulking Supplements 

Perhaps one of the most important nutritional supplements for a person who is hard to develop. However, be careful not to buy the crappy 2000ft which is hardly any protein and is full of carbohydrates. Appropriate ratio approx. 30% protein – 70% carbohydrate.

GNC Whey Protein Advanced
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Of course, this is not accurate as there are a few grams of fat, etc. But this is a nutritional supplement that beginners can use with a calm heart because it doesn’t hurt. Of course, only in moderation.

Here you can find an option: GNC Pro Performance 100 Whey Protein – Natural Vanilla 2.06 lbs. (Affiliate)


Creatine can be a great choice for someone who is struggling to develop. However, let’s not confuse the hard-working with the 60kg two-day youngster. They don’t need anything like that yet. If you feel “stuck” in training then you can give it a try. For beginners, I think the amount of meat is enough.

You can read more about Creatine Here:


It is also an important amino acid that accelerates regeneration and has an anabolic effect. If you are forced into a situation where you are doing strenuous physical work that is in the cardio range (eg soccer, running, etc.), it may be advisable to consume 5-5 grams of glutamine before and after. We can reap great rewards after and during training. It can also be applied before bedtime.

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Every bodybuilder should know that there is no workout without multivitamins. In addition to exercise, the proper use of multivitamins and minerals is also required for the proper functioning of basic bodily functions. A good choice might be Multi-X (update: Multi-Pro) It is very effective and has been developed for athletes.

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