• Best diets in 2020
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    10 of the Best Diets That Will Dominate 2020- This Is What You Have to Eat in 2020

    This is what you have to eat in 2020. I collected the best diets Of 2020 and nutrition strategies that will conquer in this year. My list includes what eating trends are going to peruse this year in the field of food. I will introduce you the best diets of 2020 and I will tell you what makes sense and what is total stupidity. Almost every year, there is a new magic diet that really and “really is the diet” for slimming now. Plus they promise that we will be healthy as long as we live. In recent years, we all have tried popular methods to achieve our dream form,…

  • Green Pea Mash Purée
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    Fitness Recipe: Creamy Green Pea Mash Purée

    Green Pea purée is a great accompaniment to almost every dishes and it’s very easy to make. Add an amazing splash of color and creamy texture to your dishes! The hardest thing when planning a menu is what to offer besides the meat dishes instead of the usual side dishes (potatoes, rice). That’s why I’m always happy to add a side dish to my list. At first, I was looking for an alternative to potato puree for dietary reasons and since everyone loves green peas at home, I had to try it in a puree form as well. Seasoned with parsley, a little basil, and garlic. It has become a…

  • Benefits of Intermittent Fasting
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    5 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

    Different types of intermittent fasting have similar benefits. These include, for example, weight loss and cholesterol-lowering, or controlling blood glucose levels. Step by step, I present the effects intermittent fasting has experienced so far on health and the human body. Intermittent fasting is a relatively new idea in the diet and is, therefore, the subject of ongoing research into its effects on health or lifetime. 1. Intermittent Fasting Contributes to the Healthy Heart Most heart disease is a response to poor eating habits, high cholesterol or blood pressure. Adherence to alternate-day fasting for 8 weeks helped to lower LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the test group by 25-32%. [1]…