How to boost up your immune system

Boost Up Your Immune System [Protect Your Body from Diseases]

You all know that one of the most important things is good nutrition for preserving health, protecting and strengthening the immune system. The major function of your immune system is to protect your organs from related pathogens. For example, viruses and bacterias, and release them from your body. If your immune system has access to appropriate nutrients, you will increase your activity and your body will be respected to different infections and diseases.

Boost your immune system
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If you eat one-sidedly, you will lose valuable nutrients, which will weaken your immune system and make you less resistant to various diseases. Just think of the winter flu epidemics.

Healthy eating
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Malnutrition, vitamin deficiency will weaken your defense system. This weakened condition is extremely favorable for infections. A weak immune system can cause, for example, hay fever, asthma, allergies, and cancer. You can prevent diseases by keeping your blood sugar close to the lower limit of your normal range and by raising your blood oxygen levels to a high level.

How does this protection work?

Immune system cells
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Your body must first recognize the pathogen or defective cell and then destroy them. After recognition, the body produces an antibody that blocks, kills, degrades, and removes foreign or harmful substances from the body.

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What can you do for strengthening your immune system?

One of the most important things to strengthen your defense system is good nutrition: take care of a lot of vegetables and oilseeds. Your diet should contain the right amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Consume as much alkalizing food and fluids as you can! Choose quality over quantity in your meals! For example, eat whole grain baked goods instead of plain white flour.

Whole grain goods
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To protect your immune system, you should rarely eat ready-made or semi-finished foods, as they often contain substances or chemicals that weaken it. Give priority to homemade foods and drinks so you can easily avoid unwanted additives and flavor enhancers. Enjoy the taste of raw vegetables and fruits, avoid the use of salt, which otherwise acidifies.

Unhealthy food
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Your immune system is working properly if our cells receive high-quality nutrients at the right time. Try to have regular meals, preferably five times a day, and consume less acidic food (such as white flour, red meats, jams, sugars, cold cuts, etc.). Other excess acids are nicotine, alcohol, sweets, coffee.

Is black coffee not healthy?
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In addition to eating, of course, regular exercise is also an important factor in maintaining your health! Stay a lot in the fresh air! Live actively, exercise regularly! As much exercise as possible, you should opt for exercise because you sweat out a lot of acids – sweating helps to eliminate toxins.

Be honest! You do not go to the gym regularly!

Lack of exercise is not good for your health because your muscles do not circulate properly. After exercise, sleep should be also mentioned, as proper rest and sleep also affect our health. It takes 7-8 hours of sleep to complete the cycle that begins with melatonin production and continues with prolactin production.

Visit the gym regularly
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These two hormones are responsible for the production of white blood cells and are the ‘main players’ of the immune system. If we do not sleep enough, they will not be able to produce sufficient quantities, which will result in fewer white blood cells contributing to disease control.

Eat healthy!

If you are eating healthy, your defense system will work properly, allowing white blood cells to fight off harmful cells, thus protecting your cells and organs.

Diet is not the same as starving

Fasting and irregular meals contribute to the over-acidification of the body. Increased breakdown of fat reserves results in acidic metabolites. Not to mention that “not eating” loses not only the nutrient but also the vitamins. Doing so greatly contributes to weakening your organization!

Dietarian advice
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So it is worth paying due attention to your diet and the above-mentioned things! If you do not provide the body with the right quality and quantity of the right nutrients, then your immune system will be increasingly weakened. As a result, you will become more susceptible not only to disease but also to obesity as your body can no longer neutralize the acidic medium.


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